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The idea that a single moment in this never-stopping time could be preserved forever was what drove me towards photography from the start. With photography, a moment, a place, an experience, or even a feeling can be saved, shared and remembered. I enjoy seeing photography as a way to stop time. In addition, photography offers the opportunity to show how you personally see the world that surrounds us, to showcase what drives your attention. 

My first experiences with photography involve happy memories with my family and always trying to “steal” a shot from my father’s SRL camera. I just liked the sound of the shutter; it was something magical and unique. Many years passed by and it wasn’t until I got my first compact digital camera that I started to think about what photography meant to me. I started shooting pictures at everything around me, trying to portray my memories in the most pleasant way to my eye. And then I couldn’t stop. I was eager to learn more, to improve, to experiment. At some point I got curious about the old system and analog photography; people kept saying that analog gives you something that you cannot get with digital. By dusting off my father’s old camera I dove into the world of chemistry and light and I was enchanted. I liked the feeling of shooting analog, but also I was in love with the looks of the cameras and now my shelves at home are full of them. A new camera, a new way of shooting, a new experimental setting.

Even though I am in love with cameras, I have to say that for me the subject and the composition are the important things. These two components are the key to a breath-taking photograph and the camera used has little to no importance to me.

Photography and me – BMC photo exhibition 2015

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